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Molly R. – Santa Ana, CA – Waterfront – Walking tour

My husband and I visited Seattle recently and stumbled upon a sign for ghost tours at Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe and decided to go for it. We had been on some ghost tours in other towns, and always enjoyed them. We don’t expect to see ghosts, but we love to hear the stories of “haunted” locations. Our tour was very intimate, in other words, it was just us and one other couple, and our guide, Ross.

We spent a couple hours walking the waterfront going to a few locations, in which Ross would tell the story of why he believes its haunted and the research his team has done… We learned a lot of Seattle history and had fun listening to the stories. There was a lot of walking, but nothing too strenuous.

Some other ghost tours we have been on were very touristy, like a dude in corpse paint and a top hat, talking in a vampire accent…. This tour was the opposite and thats what i liked about it. It felt more legit than a tourist money-maker. These are actual ghost hunters not a hired actor going through the motions.

According to the website, there are many tours to choose from, on foot or by bus, or pub crawl, and ghost hunting tours, etc. Next time i am in Seattle, i want to check out some of their other tours. I would recommend this tour.
Thanks Ross, we had a great time!

Tiff T. – Seattle, WA – Capitol Hill – Bus Tour

I went on the new Capitol Hill bus tour. It was a lot of fun. Tour guides were entertaining and knowledgeable. Covered a good amount of information, history, locations, and ghost stories. Made a few stops at some of the more haunted locations and even had the EMF reader I was holding go bonkers right after the tour guide said something like “We often get a lot of EMF activity here”. :)

Sara K. – Fargo, ND – Pioneer Square – Walking Tour

This was an amazing experience! Easily worth the value and more. Our tour guide was so knowledgeable about the city, and he made the history just as exciting as the ghost stories. The city was beautiful and alive through the tales he told. The evidence was frightening and compelling, and so tragic. The best part of the tour was his attentive nature. He answered all our questions and stayed with us an extra 1hr and 45 minutes to give us a real spooky experience. In fact, we were so impressed, we are considering going on a different tour tonight!

Thanks again SIS!

Sade B. – Cedar Falls, IA – Waterfront – Walking Tour

Went on two tours with Ross and Christian and they were fantastic! They not only have the best stories but they actually research the paranormal events they talk about. All the stories have been documented as historical fact. Plus they bring along pictures and E.V.P.s that they collected. We tried other ghost tours and they can’t hold a candle to aghost. No trip is complete without an aghost tour!

Leah – Seattle, Wa – Pioneer Square – Walking Tour

I wanted to let you know that our tour was wonderful! Tammy is a funny, fabulous guide!!!!!!! We had tourists and I think they just LOVED it! I can’t wait to explore some more! I have lived in Seattle my entire adult life and just never really took the time to get to know the paranormal side.

Kristin C. – Seattle, WA – Waterfront – Walking Tour

Met the tour at Ye Old Curiosity Shoppe down on the waterfront. I had some friends from out of town and it made for a great evening. Being the history buff that I am, I enjoyed hearing about events in Seattle I hadn’t heard before. And I do love a good ghost story!

Ross the guide was great. He kept us interested and the group moving along. We visited Kells and Butterfield Building that I actually know quite a bit of history about that wasn’t brought up on the tour, but enjoyed it nonetheless.

We did have a couple people in my party that had trouble walking, but there were plenty of places for them to sit while we talked at different sites.

I’ve taken the Pioneer Square tour as well and was just as pleased with that tour. HIghly recommend the tours, whether you’re a history or a ghost story fan.

Dave B. – Dalles, OR – Pioneer Square – Walking Tour

Very good for kids of all ages. Very personable, very informative. Great tour and would recommend it to anyone. Thank you for a great tour and time! We would like to do it again! We would like to invite you to ghost hunt The Dalles. We could be your tour guide!

Renee A. – Seattle, WA – Pioneer Square – Walking Tour

My group and I went on the walking tour of the Seattle Waterfront. I loved the connection to the history of Seattle and the “normal people” involved in building it that may have had untimely deaths. I appreciate that the tour wasn’t embellished with annoying fake “scary” things. He showed pictures of the history, and talked about his group’s investigations in the area. It was also a great walk, and made me think differently about the buildings that I walk around when I’m downtown.

Connie B. – Anaheim, CA – Pioneer Square – Walking Tour

Wow! My friends all know that I like paranormal anime (Night Head Genesis, Bakemonogatari, etc.) so when I visited them a couple weeks ago they bought us tickets for the Spooked in Seattle Tour. I was amped for just being out in the city late at night but got a lot more than that! Ross, our tourguide, was entertaining, smart, knew a LOT about Seattle’s history and was… well…. it didn’t hurt that he’s cute :-) I felt like I was part of a play, following this guy who was wearing an outfit borrowed from the Mad Hatter. Got very creeped out when we went into the Underground. Loved the tale of the sea captain’s madame and hearing about Ross’ own experiences as a ghost hunter. (He’s president of a paranormal investigation group!) Next time I’m up visiting my friends said they’d book us on the waterfront tour (went on Pioneer Square this time) so we can compare body counts :-P

Becky T. – Seattle, WA – Pioneer Square – Walking Tour

This tour is sponsored by Seattle’s A. G.H.O.S.T, and led by one of their members. This tour is great! It is not a haunted house- they are not looking to scare you and take you down dark ally ways and tell you gruesome stories…. They take you on a 2 hour walk around pioneer square and tell you about a dozen stories about the history of the oldest part of downtown, and some of the original pioneers. These buildings are beautiful, and lend the history to back the stories that are being told. Although we didn’t see anything, nothing jumped out at us, to say I had an errie feeling was well worth it. We got home a bit before midnight and jumped right on the computer, and Binged the stories- and found every single one of them! So creepy- there is a great story about a death in 1985 that is actually on you tube. You can watch this unfortunate gentleman fall to his death in the video.

So- if you are interested in history, and the possibility of ghosts from another world…you will LOVE this tour!

JD D. – Pacific, WA – Turner Joy – Ghost Hunt

I attended Ross Allison’s Ghost Hunt upon the Turner Joy Ship, and it was not only fun & spooky, but adventurous, insightful, enlightening, informative, and just downright fun!

The crowd that attended the first debut of this specific tour, were given an extra treat, as Ross showed us his most recent episode of “Unknown Truth” which Ross directed himself along with his fellow colleagues. And, even better, this did NOT take up any part of the tour time that we were promised!

The next thing that followed was also a very nice thing that I must commemorate Ross for…Well, lets back up just one step…Directly on the website, it tells you what exactly what you need to bring in order to get the best experience out of your ghost hunting tours!

Now back on the main part of the tour…Ross gave a Ghost 101 “class” if you will, showing us and informing us of the different ghost hunting equipment out there, and also told us how most Ghost hunting shows on tv actually fool us, and mislead, unlike Ross who most certainly keeps it real. This class is certainly a delight for first time ghost hunters and beginners, as it informs them how to properly use the equipment provided, like EMF detectors and whatnot, as well as the different types out there.

Also he spoke of the history of the ship which provided us the names of the spirits so we could communicate directly with them by being able to address them by name.

There were 23 people on this tour, and we were broken down into 2 teams, in which later were broken down into smaller groups of 4 for a more intimate one on one session of ghost hunting with your fellow peers. What was nice about being broken into teams, is that EVERYBODY got to experience every part of the ship offered, meaning EVERYONE got to have the full experience, meaning that no one was left out, which makes it an absolutely great tour, and great experience!

Later we regrouped and got to hear some of the EVP’s we captured, and Ross explained the best way to analyze the material you had captured.

Now…Those of you that do not have EMF, or EVP Detectors or cannot afford them…Do NOT be discouraged!!! There are EMF/EVP Detectors that you can purchase on your very own Personal Cell Phone for as low as $10.00!!!!

All I can say, is that I had a blast, and that I for one, will definitely be attending more of Spooked In Seattle’s Tours, and will be looking into joining his team A.G.H.O.S.T.

The last thing I have left to say, is that if you have a chance to attend one of the tours…DO IT!!! You will not be disappointed!!!

Thanks for a great Tour Ross!!!