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Would you like to do something different for your next special event? How about a Haunted Bus Tour?

Prices vary due to size of bus and number of guests. All 16 & 24 passenger buses are equipped for audio & video presentations while en route and will feature evidence from actual paranormal investigations.

Contact us at (425) 954-7701 or SpookedinSeattle@gmail.com for more information!

Spooked In Seattle Ghost Tours are run by real paranormal investigators who have years of experience in the field of paranormal research. We go to great lengths to insure our tour guests receive the highest quality experience.

Lakeview Cemetery
One thing you’ll find with most ghost tours around the world is how different they can be. Where most will offer spine tingling stories, you’ll find most of them are NOT true. It has become a popular belief that if folks are looking to take a ghost tour, they want to be scared. Spooked in Seattle Tours is NOT a believer in this concept. We are about educating people about what real ghost hunters do, what is found in our research and what was captured during an investigation. Dramatizing or fictionalizing stories takes away from the credibility that we at Spooked in Seattle Ghost Tours offer. To be honest, aren’t the real stories the ones you find the scariest?

The said, the crew here at SIS is working constantly. Each tour route must meet our high standards before they are ready for your enjoyment. Each bus route has an on-board movie produced custom for that journey. In the movies, we present you with photos, video clips and audio recordings from our investigations in locations along the routes. This takes time, but those who have experienced our current offerings will tell you that it is worth the wait.

Thank you for your emails, phone calls and questions about the new tours. We are just as excited as you are to see them launched. Thank you for your patience.

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The Staff of Spooked in Seattle Tours